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胡李海作品画面的效果耐人寻味,这需要很好的素质,因为对于绘画性抽象来讲,弄不好就画成了图案或是插图。难在绘画性和精神性都要硬。简单的符号执行着表意的能指,符号与元素百般变化,反复无常,在一个拥挤的浅空间里相互碰撞、摩擦、翻跟头,使人联想起半坡彩陶中舞蹈的小人,也许这样才能更接近纯真状态。他的画面很涩,透出凝重感,有时大胆使用很抒情的蓝色调或橘黄色调,是小憩时的心情,此刻是快乐和安静的,有时在孤独的内省中可以感受到精神超越世俗达到某种悲壮的崇高。反复出现的人形又是 “十字架” 有些对终极追问的意思。画的灼热之感,每一笔都蕴含了意识的绵延与时态的流动,不管涂抹还是堆叠抑或渲染,所有机关手段都化为精神的羽翼,生之欲与痛与爱尽泻于画布。这让我们相信,一幅画的形式不是人为创造出来的,生命存在本身即具有某种可体验的形式,只是在语言状态里,生命的真实更容易找到释放的出口。胡李海的画尚有内敛、冥想的气质.

中国美术馆典藏部副主任 韩劲松

Hu lihai belongs to the kind who can be a master. The effect of his picture gives one much food for thought.It requires good quality to do well both in painting and thinking. Simple signal carries out imaginary signifier.Signals and elements change constantly. They collide in a shallow space, like the dancers in thepainted pottery of Banpo culture. Maybe a state of purity can be reached in this way. His picture is unsmooth deep and forceful. Sometimes he uses blue or orange tones to express the feeling of joyfulness and calmness.By solitary introspection , sense of sublimation can be got after surpassing common views. Figures and the Cross emerging repeatedly have the meaning of ultimate inquiry.The paintings by Hu Lihai have scorching hot that each brush holds continuing consciousness and flowing tension. No matter what scribbling or dyeing colors, all his means turned into spiritual patterns pouring desire, agony and love over the canvas. It let us believed that a painting form is by no mean artificial production but the life itself in the experience. Only in the form of language the truth of life release easily. Hu Lihai’s paintings express inner disappearing and meditation.

Dept.of collection,national art museum of china,Han Jinsong